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Who we are

Asian Securities Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Brokerage Firm of stock trading in Nepal. The company received the license from the market regulator, Security Board of Nepal (SEBON), and is the member of Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE). Established in 1994, we have been providing services related to a stockbroker for more than 25 years. Here, we understand the business at its core & as a service-oriented company, we focus on service quality to have a positive and significant customer satisfaction & delight. Starting with a few 10’s of people to serving more than 45000 customers. We feel proud to express that we constantly and consistently strive to grow and better ourselves without compromising on the quality of services we provide. We believe in ethical business practices and we aim to achieve high standards of doing business with our stakeholders.

At Asian Securities, we believe in doing business ethically and aim for high standards in our dealings with everyone involved. We're committed to providing quality services consistently.


Our mission is “To be the leading Share Broker in Nepalese Share Market, delivering World Class services through the blending of state of art of technology and visionary management to achieve sound financial health with sustainable value addition to all our stakeholders.” Continue to acquire new customers and retain an active customer. We will continue to be growing with new customer growth within the Asian securities current market & potential new products. Increase trading volume from active customers on trading platforms. Increase market share in existing product and expand to new products of derivatives ( future option ) in coming days.

Our vision statement delineates our aspiration to attain the foremost position as a brokerage service provider in Nepal. We are committed to maintaining leadership in technology and innovation, while also fostering the growth of our customer base, encompassing both new clientele and those already established.

- What we do
Brokerage Services (BS)

Asian Securities is a licensed stock brokerage firm from Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON). Since 2055 (BS) We are commited to provide Broking Services for purchasing and selling of all kinds of securities listed (Stock, Mutual Funds, Preference Shares, Debentures) with Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd.(NEPSE).

Our dedication is to provide superior brokerage services accompanied by exceptional customer support, leveraging cutting-edge technological tools for an enhanced client experience.

Click to initiate the process of opening an Online DEMAT account and connect with us seamlessly.

Brokerage for equity (EQ)
SN Trading Amount Brokerage (%)
1 1,00,00,000.1 - 1,000,000,000 0.24
2 20,00,000.1 - 1,00,00,000 0.27
3 5,00,000.1 - 20,00,000 0.31
4 50,000.1 - 5,00,000 0.33
5 Up to 50,000 0.36

Brokerage for Mutual Funds (MF)
SN Trading Amount Brokerage (%)
1 50,00,001 - 1,000,000,000 0.10
2 5,00,001 - 50,00,000 0.12
3 Up to 5,00,000 0.15

Brokerage for Debentures (NCD)
SN Trading Amount Brokerage (%)
1 50,00,001 to 1,000,000,000 0.02
2 5,00,001 to 50,00,000 0.05
3 Up to 5,00,000 0.1

Brokerage for Preference Shares (PS)
SN Trading Amount Brokerage (%)
1 1,00,00,000 - 1,000,000,000 0.27
2 20,00,000 - 1,00,00,000 0.30
3 5,00,000 - 20,00,000 0.34
4 50,000 - 5,00,000 0.37
5 Up to 50,000 0.40

Depository Participant Services

We provide DP services through a public company promoted by us Nepal DP Ltd., it is a joint venture company of ten like-minded stock brokering companies which provides all kinds of services provided by a DP company, they are:-

  • Open DEMAT account of securities investors as a Beneficial Owner (BO)
  • De-materialization of securities held by the Beneficial Owner (BO)
  • Re-materialization of securities
  • Maintain a record of securities in the electronic form
  • Settlement trades by transferring/receiving the securities from/in BO accounts
  • Settlement of off-market trades that is occurred between BOs outside NEPSE
  • Provide electronic credit of securities allotted by issuers during IPOs
  • Deposit the non-financial corporate benefits (such as bonus, right shares, etc.) issued by issuers in the de-mat account of BOs
  • Facilitate in pledging of dematerialized securities
  • Others as allowed by laws and regulations in regard to securities depository.

Demat Services & Charges
SN Transaction Type Charge/Annum
1 Demat Account Opening Fees Rs. 50 ( One Time Only )
2 Annual Account Maintenance Fees Rs. 100 per Annum
3 On Market Transaction at DP Rs. 25 Per Pledge / Unpledge
4 Pledge / UnPledge Fees Rs. 50 Per Pledge / Unpledge
5 Share Dematerialisation Free
6 Account Statement Printing Free
7 Internet Demat Account Free